What We Offer

Residential Solar Control Films

Residential window films provide numerous benefits mainly AC savings which can be extremely significant over time. Filming your windows can reduce the heat by 50% to 90% depending on your choice of film. Everyone likes to save money and how much does your comfort worth? Window films can also allow for great privacy from noisy neighbors or workers in the area outside. 
Living in the South, we’re exposed to the sun more than anything else. Not only us but our equipment and things are also exposed. We need window tinting for a lot of reasons, but one of them is to help prevent premature fading. Over time, the rays of the Sun fade whatever is in their path

Commercial Solar Control Films

Heat loss or losing air-conditioned air through windows can cause discomfort and unnecessarily high energy bills. Low emissivity insulation films applied to the inside face of ordinary single-glazed windows decrease heat loss by up to 30%, and in Summer our Films can reduce the cost of cooling a building by rejecting up to 79% of the Sun’s heat.  From individual offices, storefronts to large buildings & industrial warehouses, no job is too big or small for us.

Smart Glass Privacy On/Off Films

Switchable film (also known as smart film) offers a next-generation alternative to blinds or privacy film making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations. The self-adhesive layer means that it can be installed on existing glass – so no need for expensive window or partition replacement.


Sun Control Window Tinting and
Photochromic Films

   Photochromic technology has become increasingly popular for a number of applications, ranging from window films, automobile tints, and optical lenses. Also known as transitional film, photochromic film has unique properties that are most distinguished by their appearance. Also known as transitional film, photochromic film has unique properties that are most distinguished by their appearance. During the daylight or when exposed to sunlight, photochromic window film renders a darker shade that offers the same ultraviolet (UV) protection as most sun blocking films.

Safety and Security
High Impact Films

Security film for windows works under the same principles as automotive windshield glass. The binding agent keeps the glass from shattering upon impact, just like a rock that hits your windshield may cause a hole, but the overall glass piece remains intact. Security film creates similar protection, but rather than replacing your existing non-security glass with laminated glass, you can add security window film. Think of it as an aftermarket laminated glass application. Security window film also comes with privacy options for buildings with windows that open to public-facing streets that require strengthening to protect people and property from bad actors. Often burglars will scope out homes and businesses by looking through windows for enticing valuables. Burglars may also look for indicators that a building is empty, or someone is home alone. With privacy security films for windows, it becomes near impossible for intruders to see targets or know which rooms are occupied. Window films can also be used to change the look of your building or be decorative in nature.

Decorative Films

Welcome to the beauty of natural light while still maintaining your privacy The Window Tint Experts provides many decorative film options that come as one-of-a-kind patterns and designs to fit your building’s existing layout. This will create a unique atmosphere that welcomes customers and inspires employees. At an affordable cost, decorative film application creates a unique atmosphere, allowing businesses to invest in other areas. You can review our catalog at https://www.decorativefilm.com/ and receive up to 3 free samples through our company with the provided code of the tint